Teach Girls is a unique not for profit organisation founded in 2014. It envisions community building through empowering underprivileged girls. We aim to give a platform to the economically and socially opressed girls who have been subjugated to a lack of intellectual nourishment. Female education has always been a highly disregaded subject matter in our country, TG gives these girls a fair chance and platform to complete their primary and secondary education. We are passionately driven towards bridging the gap women and their male counterparts. TG is a small team of dedicated volunteers solely committed to the cause.

This project is girl centric where we start with a bridging curricullum to fill the gap of the years, the girl could not attend school. Our prime focus earlier was dropout/earlywed/uneducated girls, but on receiving immense response from older women, we have given equal weightage by starting a literacy drive for them. This is a simple project where spreading awareness and taking action happens simultaneously.

We have started a concept of Homeschooling, a school within the community, acessible and available for all who are poor,have safety issues, financial instability and lack of awareness. We have received great support by the slum communities here and they are happy and willing to learn and resume their studies. Our main aim is to support them and help them grow in their lives.

After they complete their bridging course, they are going to appear for a test, a post test(Pre-Test had been conducted in the start of this project) , where they would be evaluated on their learning/writing/speaking ability and competency level. Once they clear, they will be enrolled to either regular or openschooling. If they do not clear the exam, they would repeat the entire procedure and remedial teaching and assistance will be given for help in completing the course.

We believe in imparting quality education, as gaining knowledge is the key to success and not merely passing the exam. We want to bring into practise the concept of ‘educational cloning’, where every girl should get a fair opportunity to learn and grow and not a single girl is left uneducated because of any reason or excuse. Lets join hands in turning their fear into courage and lets change their vulnerability into aid.


For any futher query mail us at info.teachgirlsorg@gmail.com






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  • October 20, 2015 at 5:55 am

    Dear Team,
    i had gone through the teach girls website & i must say that this is indeed a great initiave & a step towards the empowerment of women which in turn will definitely lead to the development of the nation.

    I would like to know as how one can get associated with it.



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