If you ever feel weak, physically ill, mentally depressed, sad, or dejected, visit us and meet Vandana. A girl who’s 5 now and give life goals to many young and elderly people who think there life is pathetic, meaningless or worthless. A little girl who doesn’t even know what life has planned for her, is ready to give challenges to the world. No! We aren’t boasting. At the age of 3, 75% of her body got burnt in an accident at home. Her parents coming from an uderprivileged background saved her life by selling off everything little they earned for their future after years of hardwork. More than 3 lac rupees are spent on her operation now. Still, her parents want their little daughter to study in a good school. Vandana joined TeachGirls 8 months back and seeing this beautiful girl with bright promising eyes and a big smile on her face always, everyone fell in love with her. Believe us, she has fans! Doctors, nurses, neighbors everyone is crazy of this young girl. She’s 5, she knows what she wants to be in life. A doctor, thats what she always say. She is the most active kid we’ve ever come across. She talks, but above all she’s mad for books and all she craves for is pencils, erasers and notebook.
Well, she is in short a Stress Buster! A girl who’s just 5 but an inspiration for many young and old people. TeachGirls has found FosterParents for her, who’d takecare of her education from now. Vandana is ready to get enrolled. She’s ready to begin her real life. 

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