“Seeing a girl sitting at home instead of going to school is less heart breaking than not studying at all. “

The above lines have deep meaning. We at “TeachGirls” strive to open a platform for girls to study anywhere and everywhere they can. Girls, for whom going out of the four walls is a big deal , have equal right to receive education in any form available. We want to avail them with resources closer to home, so that their learning doesn’t suffer. If they cannot approach school, we say, let the school come close to them. Sounds weird? In a crazy world, progress often happens from crazy ideas! Our nation talks about rights and liberty for girls to access education, but how far have we been successful in doing it? A large number of girls are still are treated brutally and still are deprived of education.

Learning never stops. Even if a girl is married at a very young age or drops out of school, that doesn’t mean she can’t study. She has all the right to learn and nurture as any one else. The only thing which is needed is a little effort from society, and to make resources available for her so that she can learn and progress.

TeachGirls is making an initiative to provide homeschooling with the help of some committed qualified volunteers, who understands the importance of education and empowerment of girls in India and worldwide.

Uplabdhi Chandola


Founder, TeachGirls


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