TeachGirls has adopted Mangal Basti, Rajeev Nagar (Dehradun, India) as it’s first project area. This slum is located in the bank of river Rispana, a source of water along with a lot of diseases through contaminated river water. The slum is a semi urban slum and here resides number of lives, struggling for a proper settlement plan. Mostly, the people here are migrated from Bijnor, Nazibabad, and other plain rural village areas.

This slum has around 70 houses, mostly given on rent for livelihood. 80% of the slum people are Muslims and rest either Hindus or other religion. The beauty of the slum is “Unity in Diversity”. Slum people are warm and friendly. Hardwork is in their blood. Basic occupation of the people here is labour work, Mechanic, Barber, Sweeping, Cleaner, Auto Driver etc

Small wages makes the people financially unstable. People prefer to send their kids to Government school till class 8th as the education is free and midday meal is an addon. After class 8th either the girls drop out or get married. Some parents send their girls to Gocernment Highschool even though the financial instabilty prevails. Most young guys have left school to earn their bread and butter. On an average a boy has passed grade 6th and a girl has passed grade 8th. The number of girls getting educated till grade 8 is still more than boys. Few kids go to a Montessory school within slum proximity.

95% of the women are illetrate. Ironically, they always wanted to study but never got a medium close to home. TeachGirls have started a TG Study Club for all these people, who are in need of education to strengthen themself and attain self empowerment!

Visit our slum, change lives!


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