11870931_740560662722284_98738143011186328_nSometimes, even we feel helpless, when we come across stories like Shabnam’s. This beautiful girl is a 5th dropout. She is 17 now. Parents died when she was in 5th standard. Ever since then she never went to school. She lives with her step-sister’s family but on rent with her brother. Eventhough they pay timely rent and cook separately, still her life is governed by her step-sister and her four daughters. She lives in slavery, yes, slavery! She wants to study, and amongst all other girls in the slum, she has the most potential. She is intelligent, interested, dedicated, persistent inspite of all the hardships that she faces on regular basis. Her neices are her age, two of them come to TeachGirls study club along with her. She gets bullied a lot at home, and sometimes she does break the ice infront of us.

One day, she was standing, all nervous, and waiting to talk to us. She told us, her step-sister is not letting her come to TG classes. She was in tears and literally broken. After we convinced her family , they allowed to let her but she is treated even more worse at home now. Not by men, but women. Such young, innocent girl, determined to study is shattered from within. She fears they will get her married anytime soon.

We need your suggestions! We need your advices! We need your empathy! Let’s all together come and solve her problem!

‪#‎Educate‬ and ‪#‎Empower‬

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