A day for health at Teach Girls (TG)!

Happiness means different things to different people, and one of those definitely is working together to raise a healthy and disease free community. Although the main motive of TG is child upliftment through education, we also realise the importance of health and wellness in a family. So to bring up the cause, we at TG have collaborated with Dr. Manjari Shah for conducting a free health camp for the residents of Mangal Basti (small slum in Dehradun, UK). It would cover basic health screening, check ups, and cancer awareness lecture and counseling. And yes, we can contribute even by sitting at home via donating medicines (either new or unused and unexpired, list of medicines is given at the end of the post). We are also on the look out for health care professionals keen on volunteering for the cause. Kindly reach out to us on team@teachgirls.org or buzz us at +91 9897113430 for any queries or assistance. You can alternatively post your queries on our official facebook, twitter and instagram pages.

List of medicine- Paracetamol, Analgesic , Antibiotics, Multivitamins, Iron , Calcium tablets, ORS sachet, Iodine ointments, Bandages, cotton and most important sanitary pads for our girls.

Remember a healthy outside starts from the inside, so lets work out our way towards it!

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