TeachGirls started with a very small team, could possibly count the number on our tips. Today, we have so many people associated with this mission. Theres no better day to thank each and everyone who brought a difference in every girl’s life at TeachGirls than Thanksgiving!
With no specific order, we would like to thank a bunch of important individuals who showed their support for this cause. Anjali Chandola for being the backbone of this project, Tyler Scott for being the creator and the most important figure, Khyati Dobhal and Dr. Manjari Shah for showing faith in the project and for the immense support always, Rahul Rishi, Achala Gupta for serving selfelessly in the slum and teaching our girls, Aparajita Chandola and Samridhi Chandola for volunteering whenever you are in the city, whole team of UK07 Films for making an incredible video “Teach Girls; Heroes of Doon” on us, Jingles India for sponsoring us with TeachGirls theme songs, Mr. Vineet Pancchi for all your support and encouragement, Mr. Amit Vishnoi , Mr. Abhishek Tewari, for being so kind and helpful. Ashley Mudler, Alicia, Melissa, Laura, Tomorrow, Abby for spending valuable time with our girls, Claudia Charles for time to time advices and suggestions, Mr Rakesh Negi for supporting us throughout, Brad Hines for website designing and management, Srikanth Bandi for TG logo designing, Mr. Vimal Bhatnagar for brochure designing, all our volunteers and interns, all of you for liking our page and sending us messages which encourages and pump us each and everyday to work even harder for the cause, and all our friends who are always there for us!

I hope we all can be even bigger team someday! Join us in this mission! Let’s together change lives.
Feel free to help and show support!

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