Great News! TeachGirls was recently visited by the Former Miss India, Asia Pacific and a renowned Bollywood star- Dia Mirza on 8th December 2015 in what will be the prelude to her latest sitcom, ‘Ganga The Soul of Life’, a Zee Entertainment Production which would be telecasted on Living Foodz. Dia spent a lot of time with our girls, inspiring them to become more self-aware of their abilities and latent talents, in order to live an independent and unrestrained life. Later in the day, our girls performed Nukkad Natak on Girls Education followed by TG theme song which beautifully epitomised the soul of TeachGirls. Dia accompanied by Teach Girls organized a Cleanliness Drive in Mangal Basti to help alleviate the grimy conditions of the locality. The girls seemed really excited and inspired with all the encouragement and appreciation.
Indeed a big day for all of us. Cheers for many more to come!

We wish Dia Mirza a very Happy Birthday! ♡

Thankyou for supporting us!

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A day with Dia at TeachGirls!

A day with Dia at TeachGirls!

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Our TeachGirls family meeting Dia MIrza

Our TeachGirls family meeting Dia Mirza

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