68 years already, but how many of us really feel emancipated? Letting the girls have a sense and feel of freedom, yes, this was the main purpose behind celebrating independence day with them. All these  years, they had only heard of and known about it as a national holiday, but today Teachgirls got them together to celebrate the joy and pride associated with it.


20150815_103058The smile on their faces, the bright streak in their eyes. This truly is the future of the country. Lets nourish them, lets make our India grow!


Our country might have achieved independence long back. But the battle is still not over for most of us. We as a nation still have a long way to go.


The day each and every girl of India is educated and self dependent, the day every girl is able to judge right from wrong,  and the day we realise the importance of our existence and start respecting ourselves, we can say we are free, free from all the fears and bondages, free from all the worries and anxiety and free from all the negative thoughts that make us feel we are weaker than the opposite gender.


Celebrating festivals (National/Cultural) is altogether a new concept for the girls here.The smile is so genuine that you feel like capturing it for posterity. For Teachgirls team these moments are precious,   and the happiness of our girls is priceless. We treasure this more than anything else.

#Educate and #Empower!

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