There are numerous reasons as to why women/girls mainly are held to sit in the dark room of illiteracy proverbially speaking. It could be the economic conditions at home or conservative family values that stress on educating male children rather than their female counterparts. Sometime, it could just be due to the attitude towards education. Often the girls themselves are simply not interested in studying as all they seek in life is a financially sound husband, an unfortunately typical ideology.

In short, factors responsible for female illiteracy in our society are directly or indirectly related to the societal attitude towards female education. The question that surfaces then is how and where to begin our search for that crucial key that would unlock the door to intellectual freedom for women?

why women don't receive education

Uneducated Women can be categorized in two parts:

1. Those who never attended any educational institution or
2. Those who did start their studies despite adverse circumstances but had to discontinue due to various reasons, the most common of these being marriage.

It’s surprising how marriage writes the future of a girl. But, who says one can’t continue education or start it after marriage ?
Why is marriage in our country acting as a hurdle/block on the way of smooth education for so many women?

Teach Girls tries to end this trend and counsel and convince women to resume their studies. No matter how old or young they are! No matter how old or young their kids are! No matter how busy they are with their household work!

It’s high time. Start now or never.

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